“Power of the Master Tool: The Master Key To Forward Movement”


Our minds are key to changing our ever promising future. It’s a powerful tool. You can use it to build yourself up or tear your abundant future down. What ever you decide to use it for, it will work, in the exact way that you intend to use it. However, there are many of us who don’t fully realize just how powerful our thoughts have on their current reality. I have always said that “my reality is completely different from the reality that you live in. It isn’t until we become like-minded individuals that our reality may become one and the same.”

It’s true. What ever you perceive to be truth, will be truth. Your perceptions about situations and circumstances derive straight from your thoughts and will completely alter your reality. For example, where someone sees losing their job as horrible thing, someone else may see losing their job as a message that they were destined for greater opportunities and positions in life. This is the person who will live a wealthy lifestyle! Where someone sees being dumped by a girlfriend or boyfriend as the end of the world, someone else may see a greater door being opened for them to meet someone better. There are only two indicators when dealing with perceptions: negative and positive. Negative perceptions will only lead down the path of destruction, whereas positive perceptions will lead to more opportunities and potential growth.

Here is a tip you can use to change things around for you right now. Take 10 minutes out of your day to sit and think about all the negative circustances and situations that you can benefit from just by changing your perception on them. You will discover that by doing this exercise, that things that seemed too big to handle will look like managable tasks that can be taken care of quickly. The extra benefit, you’ll learn something from the experience.

This is the power of thought. This is the power of your mind. It is said that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Although this may be true, I believe that the power of thought is a terrible thing to let wonder in the wrong direction. You have a great tool that can create anything that you desire out of life. Don’t allow the events of life to dull your tool of creation. Allow life’s great lessons to sharpen it only. #lorenzosellers #faceyourgiant #followup #theblueprinttosuccess #ytb

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“What Lies Beyond The Gate: Unlocking Your Path To Success”


Quite often, I like to talk to random people I meet when I’m out and ask questions regarding to what they do for a living. It’s no surprise that majority of the people I talk to work at a low end jobs. Then I proceed to ask would they like to be rich? The majority said no. Directly after, they would continue by justifying why they don’t attempt to achieve wealth. I often heard, “money isn’t everything”, “money is the root of all evil”, and “money changes people”. I would reply, so why work at all for money if you truly believe all these things?

They would give me the most perplexing look. I gather that the reason that most people react to my questions that way is because they believe that they can’t become rich. They believe in the “luck factor”. That one must be lucky to attain massive wealth. This isn’t true at all. We all have what you would call, the “Success Gate”. Behind this gate would lie all your dreams made into reality. The problem is that most people see the gate, but never use the one key that can open it because of fear of the unknown. They don’t know what will happen once they opened it. The key I am referring to would be courage.

To obtain happiness, one would need to be free. And how do you obtain freedom? You must have courage. Acting in spite of your fear. This alone will open your gate to the path of success. If you have a dream that you want to materialize into reality, but are afraid of possibilites of failure, move forward anyway. Push yourself and be courageous. I heard once before by a old co-worker I used to know, “fortune favors the bold”. Truer words have never been spoken by this man. Fortune does indeed favor the bold. This is what creates the illusion of “luck”.

Those who are afraid of failure, but move forward anyway, are destined for greatness. It’s ok to be afraid. It’s not ok to let that stop you. Fear is nothing more that an illusion. You will find that out once you walk right through it and onto the path to make all your dreams come true. #followup #theblueprinttosuccess #lorenzosellers

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Sincerely Lorenzo: 

When less than desirable things happen, that is God’s (life’s positive force or higher power) way of testing your character to show you if you are ready to take your life to the next level. Events that take place in your life isn’t “bad” until you allow the devil (negative thoughts) to change your perception on the situation. And like I always say, when you change your perception, all those problems and challenges look a whole lot like opportunities for growth and change. Embrace the concept and see miracles happen.

“The Master Key To Wealth: Unlocking Life Changing Events”


We all hold the key to unlocking our own financial freedom. We usually can find it weaved within what we enjoy doing most. If what you enjoy doing helps other people in the process, you will find out very quickly that the gift that was given to us at birth (the power to choose our own outcome in life) will guide you to the riches that is rightfully yours. But what stops most of us from ever discovering that key and keeps us in the depths of struggle most of our lives?

Mainly, the biggest obstacle that stand in our way to finding the master key to unlocking endless potential is OURSELVES. However, there are contributing factors that may convince you that you have no talent, no gift, no way of ever escaping the “struggle”. One of those factors lie in what other people tell you. You may have heard things like: “You have no talent”, “You’re useless”, “Stick to your day job”, “I had a friend who tried that and it didn’t work”, and “What makes you think you can do it?”.

Here is the scary part. These things aren’t said by people who you don’t know, but by those who are close to you! Instead of empowering you, they choose to discourage you. To keep you “in the bucket”. With all this shade, it’s no wonder that alot of people stay where they are right now. Simply because they can’t see what they have lying deep inside of them. Great rule of thumb when dealing with this hurdle: Discouragement from others is the key indication that you are on the right track to wealth. You have something they don’t and they want to make sure you don’t see that you have it!

Another factor is the fear of other people rejecting you because you choose to use your innate gift. Not being accepted because you choose to do or become something or someone different. Well, here is the truth to dealing with this hurdle: People will judge you no matter what you do. If you choose to do nothing, people will call you a “coward”, “bum”, or just plain lazy. If you choose to use your key, people will call you crazy, stupid, insane, or a hopeless dreamer. So in the end, it really doesn’t matter what you do. What does matter is that you enjoy what you do.

Ultimately, the decision to do what you love and live among the financial elite is up to YOU. So if you haven’t yet, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE! FIND YOUR KEY! #faceyourgiant #followup #lorenzosellers

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Sincerely Lorenzo: 

Try this out for 3 weeks and see what happens. Treat your boss like a client or customer. Remember you get paid in exact proportion for the service you render. Poor service equals low pay. Excellent service equals extraordinary pay. It’s not being subservient to think this way. Remember this, you are your own business. Advertise your services, show them what you are capable of, and watch your paycheck grow.

“The Cycle of Wealth: Change Your Life by Changing The Lives of Others”


While on this journey of mine to change the fate of those who seek the results they want out of life, I have discovered a power that can grant anyone all the things they could ever possibly need in one lifetime. This concept of this power is so simple that anyone, from any circustance can overcome obstacles and challenges standing in their way. Did you know that when it comes to obtaining wealth in this world, all you need is the right opportunity? Now here’s the thing, most people believe that opportunity is a rare commodity that only happens a handful of times.

This is not true at all. I live by one simple concept when it comes to obtaining the right opportunity: Why wait for opportunity when I have to power to create it? We all do. We all have the ability and inner power to create our own opportunities in life. Allow me to futher explain what I mean. To create opportunity would mean that you are whole and one with yourself. You know what you what, who you are, the power that you hold to control the outcome, and where you are going. Here is another secret when it comes to obtaining the right opportunity. You can become that very opportunity you seek to change your life. 

Within this quote that came to me within a dream, you will find all that you need to become your own hero: “Become that opportunity that can change your own life by becoming the miracle that can change the lives of others.” In other words, by adding value to other people’s lives with your product or the service you render, you in turn will add value to your own life, business, and/or career. I call this the “Cycle of Wealth”. It’s an unstoppable force that has been the catalyst to the small percentage of the wealthy’s success. If you doubt what I say, you need not look very far. Just think of how Oprah Winfrey got to where she is today. Think of how Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Dre, and other millionaires and billionaires that you may know of got to where they are. 

The answer is simple when it comes to becoming wealthy: Think and concentrate on how you can serve your fellow man. Become the miracle that people seek. Solve problems that others feel they cannot. Become the solution, not the problem. When you act on these motives, watch your income and life grow! #followup #faceyourlife #lorenzosellers

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Sincerely Lorenzo: 

The way the mind works: A person who doesn’t think of making an apple pie wouldn’t bother to look up the recipe. A person who doesn’t think of becoming healthier wouldn’t bother to research diets that will help accomplish the task. Which brings me to my point, a person who doesn’t think that they could become wealthy would never think of finding a way to make it happen. Solution? Start thinking on the subject and you will soon find a way.

“The Rule of 10%: The Millionaire’s Source of Innovative Power”


Did you know that at least 10% of your thoughts hold the key to you changing your entire life forever? Seriously, within that small percentage of thoughts lie an idea that can take your income into new and damn near impossible heights. I recently talked to a man who was in their late 40′s who was sick and tired of working at a job he thought was only going to be temporary. It would have been except he admittedly stated that he had great ideas that he thought could have made him wealthy, but then thought that they were “stupid” and dimissed it entirely.

In other words, he turned to the 90% of negative thoughts designed to throw him off and crushed his chance, before he even got started. 9 times out of 10, the ideas that you may deem “stupid” are the ideas that could put you in the financial free bracket. Walt Disney built his entire empire off of the rejections of his board of directives. Once they objected to his ideas and said that it would never work, Walt got started on them immediately. Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, he made millions off of those ideas.

The next time you have an idea that you feel may work, write it down in your personal journal (assuming you keep one) to come back to it later. You would be surprised at what you think of once you see it on paper. Then start acting on those ideas. Most of us pray for a massive change. And when God answers you in the form of a thought or idea, we tend to quickly shut it down because it’s different! If you try to take the easy road and do what’s already been done, you won’t see any outstanding results. You must be different than what’s already out there. You must have a better idea. A different idea!

Remember this article as the “Rule of 10%”. Write down all your “stupid” ideas (which is the Rule of 10%), act on them, and watch what happens. This could very well be the deal breaker that takes you from $5,000-$50,000 per year to $200,000-$1,000,000 per year. Embrace change before someone else acts on the same “stupid” idea you may have had. #followup #faceyourgiant #ruleof10 #lorenzosellers

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Sincerely, Lorenzo:

So I was asked today why I wrote my book? Why am I doing what I’m doing? Why did I start my company? Explaining this will give people a clearer picture of why they should invest in my book. Well, here it is. I wrote the book with the sole purpose of helping people advance in their respective work place, business, or career and earn more annually than they ever thought possible. It’s like an career advancement guide for future millionaires. The information that the book contains came from those who have started from the bottom and literally rose to the top. (CEO’s from major companies here in California, Managers, Business owners, Millionaires). 

The book is filled with lessons that took YEARS to learn and benefit from and put into an easy to understand guide to help anyone climb the success ladder. The reason why I’m doing this is simple. I grew up in small town Orangeburg, South Carolina. Not much opportunity there and not enough resources to help people bring their annual income up a whooping $200,000 per year. I’m mainly doing this for those I left behind there.

I don’t believe in keeping secrets that could help MILLIONS of people drastically change their lives forever. Nor do I have any intentions too. My dream is to be the first African American to create millionaires worldwide in every race by sharing and teaching my concept for success and living a life that is filled with love, understanding, and achievement. I’ll help anybody who is willing to learn. This is my life’s work. Something I definitely plan on doing till the day I pass away. There are no tricks here, just facts.


“What Brings Dreams Into Reality?: The Three Powers to Greatness”


Dreams come true when you act on them. How many times have you had a conversation with an “I wish” person? Someone who is always saying, “i wish i could have the skill to do this”, or “i wish i could have the skill to do that”? Now how many times have you seen an “i wish” person aquire the skill they want by doing absolutely nothing but wishing to get it? I would imagine you haven’t bumped into that person yet. We live in an “i wish” world today where people rather wait for a miracle to happen than becoming the miracle that they seek.

You would be surprised at what you can do if you get up and DO IT. Circumstances aren’t bigger than you! No matter where you are in life right now, you can always change the game around. It’s easy considering you have the power to change the rules! For centuries, men and women of history have accomplished great things by using the power of “certainty of purpose”, desire, and above all faith in themselves and in a higher power. Today, a lot of people only use one of the three powers that was just given and wonder why they see no results or progress in their endeavors. They have certainty of purpose, but no desire and faith to back it up. They have desire, but no certainty of purpose and faith to get things going. They have faith, but no desire and certainty of purpose to move into action. You can see where I’m going with this.

Here is the bottom line: your dreams materialize when you use the three powers in harmony to fuel your actions. Those who move with great certainty on a goal usually get what they want. You have a 95% chance of getting what you want when you make moves on your goals rather than doing nothing at all. With those kind of numbers, why would you want to stand still? I challenge you to be the very best you that you can be. I double dog dare you to make your dreams come true and prove to all doubters that it can be done. You are special. Allow no one to tell you otherwise. You were meant to be a doer. All those people who hate on your progress and offer no support are meant to be witnesses to your GREATNESS. Someone has to write the history books. (shrugs) #faceyourgiant #followup #lorenzosellers

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